BEFORE (8-03) & AFTER (11-04) – click images to enlarge

We're going into February hoping it's the last month of work before getting the
OK on our final inspection and closing the building permit. It will all depend on
finding enough time and help, and getting the last few required items checked
off the list: metal exterior details ordered and installed, the garage stuccoed,
the master bath tile and shower finished, and pouring a small concrete slab
outside the bathroom door.


02.02.05 – Building code requires at least a 6 sq. ft. concrete pad outside all
exterior doors. For the master bath / patio door we form up a much bigger pad to tie
into the existing utility pad. In the future, we'll probably replace the AC unit with
larger one around the corner and maybe extend to patio as well. Also to meet code,
Don Sr. installs a second door vent in the water heater closet.

02.03.05 – Bright and early, Don Sr. arrives with a trailor with 3/4 cubic yard of
concrete and Dylan helps us wheelbarrow it in and screed it.

The boys always wanted to write their names in some of the concrete, but they've
never been around at the right time. Our dog Sugar Ray, however, was here to
make his mark. We didn't see it happen, but I imagine he was quite surprised when
he stepped in. Funny thing was that there were only two prints that went nowhere,
like he just jumped straight up from there. Also, with a bit of extra concrete, we
poured an impromptu, un-formed apron under the side gate.

And viola!... a quicky patio.

02.06.05 – It's still not finished, and it's a mess, but here are the master bath sink
cabinets all done and the bath has been grouted. There will be a big single mirror
above the cabinets of course.

The master closet is now in full use and we finally have the door stained and
hung. Although a design flaw (the door hits the hangers as you open and close
it) means we leave the door open for the time being.

Here's a look at the bedroom wood trim and the paneled wall in the office (both
were actually finished weeks ago.

02.10.05 – The visible drains will be hanging chains that the water drips down.
This is a cool feature that is becoming more popular with architects. Also, an
exterior view of the recently installed tile under the rolling doors.

With help from Don Sr. and Chris (mom) we got a lot more of the facia and eve
metal installed.

02.19.05 – After a week off from construction, Don spent an entire drizzley Saturday
installing the rest of the red metal facias. The custom order was picked up at
Loomis metals two days ago (Thanks to David J for the use of his truck!),
and weather be damned, we wanted it done today. The sides of the dormer and
the front and side of the garage are finally done after months of waiting. All of the
corners will be put in soon. We'll have to custom cut the angled corner sections
by hand to make them fit right.

But the really exciting part of the new metal order is dormer posts and beam in
the front entryway. We've been waiting for so long for this—it's gonna be another
one of those really transformational details. These required a lot of custom
hand cuts on site to make them fit together right. The vertical sections are only
held in place by few screws each right now because we'll take them back off to
connect flexible drain pipes inside the post covers.

Oh, baby!! That's what I'm talking about!!



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