BEFORE (8-03)

AFTER (11-04)

Did we ever think this web site would still be getting updated in 2005? No way!! It's crazy
that we're still at this 18 months later, but it really will be done soon. We've got Paul (contractor)
coming back to tie up loose ends, some new help with tile and the master bathroom,
and the carpet installation.

We had a very small informal gathering of friends for New Year's Eve, and we can't wait
to host some much bigger gatherings. Our friends Jerry and Lucy hadn't been here since
before the demolition in August of '03 so they were blown away. Joe, who helped us move
in 4 months ago was even surpised at the changes since then, so that made us feel good...
like we actually were making progress. It's hard to see the overall progress sometimes.
Of course, all we have to do is check out the past photos here to remember what we've
gone through.


01.10.05 – Paul built a shallow closet enclosure in the back room to cover the
electrical breaker box (code requirement). Don covered the master closet wall and
loft shelf with scrap particle board left over from the temporary bedroom wall from
a few months ago. The closet was then painted and re-filled with junk! Once the
carpet is put in here, though, we have a bunch of new closet organizer units to

Don has also begun installing the ceiling in the office. Originally planned to be
metal like the other rooms, we shifted gears on this one. Instead, we decided to use
a new and unique material that we got from architect Gary Orr when he demo'd his
old office in December. These are acustical boards that are usually used in studios
and auditoriums. They are made from cedar shavings and concrete, and provide a
very cool, natural and textural look to the room. The office was painted with the
same tan creme color ("Haze") as the master bath, so the color of the ceiling was

The master bath is cleared out to finally make room for tile work.

01.12.05 – Dylan (the new guy) installs the bathroom tile floor and the two rows
under the living room rolling doors.

01.13.05 – The living room tile awaits grout and the office ceiling is finished with an
8-inch wood panel trim at the glass wall.

01.14.05 – Paul begins installing the office panelling wall and finishes the trim
around the entry area post and beam.

01.15.05 – The entry foyer, dining room and living room are cleared out and swept
in preparation for the carpet installer.

Carpet guy Jeff, from A & P Carpet / Hampton Floors, shows up and gets to work
placing nail strips.

Jeff carries in a roll of padding and a while later all the pads are cut and taped.

Glue is poured along the edges of the pad to keep it from moving around under the
carpet. The carpet is laid out on the driveway to measure and cut. Notice that the
garage doors are plywood free! It took four tries to finally get the window units
made to the correct dimensions (two mistakes by Don, two by the manufacturer).

Jeff rolls out the first section and manuvers it in to place.

But time runs out and we'll have to wait for tomorrow to finish. All the furniture is
moved back in from the patio.

01.16.05 - Jeff returns to start trimming and stretching.

The carpet edges look great up against the tile and steel.

A detail of the carpet. At first it seems to be just long worm-like strands running
from front to back, but when viewed from just the right angle, you can see circular
swirls all over the floor. If you look near the top of this photo, you can catch a
glimpse of the swirl pattern. (It's hard to catch with the camera)

01.17.05 - The newly carpeted house photo tour!

View from the entry looking toward the foyer and dining room, planter on left. The
new credenza was just purchased at Time Bandits in downtown Sac. We couldn't
believe how perfect it fit in when we got it home.

Vertical views, left and right, of the entry foyer under the raised roof dormer.

Reverse view looking back to front doors with planter and living room on right.

View of dining and kitchen from foyer.

Living room with kitchen in background. Now if we can just find the perfect retro
modern sectional to replace our couches. Hallway leads to the boys bedrooms.

Views from living room toward planter and entry foyer. View of living room rolling
door. The TV in the corner still needs its built-in entertainment center.

View of foyer, dining and living room from behind kitchen island. The doorway in
the center of the illuminated frosted glass wall leads to the office and master suite.

The kitchen. It still needs one missing door above microwave, counter edge trims,
toekicks and baseboard around the step-up floor.

01.20.05 - Don and Dylan get a good portion of the wood-grain tile into place
arround the tub.

The tile still needs grount. Meanwhile, Paul works hard to get the wood covers
installed over the last of the ceiling beam in the master bedroom.

01.22.05 - Don and Diana worked the better part of a day getting the master closet
system into place and istalling the bathroom cabinets and trims.

01.27.05 - Freelance plumber Gabriel returned to hook up the toilet, sinks and bath!

The grout and caulking haven't been done yet, but we just have to test out the
whirlpool tub jets. They work great!



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