BEFORE (08-05-03) & AFTER (06-17-05) – click images to enlarge

Summer finds us putting in long hours at work, so it's hard finding the time and energy to do
much, especially as the summer heat turns nearly unbearable. We're discovering that the
existing air conditioning system is not up to the task and are shopping for a new alternative.
We're also planning for a big party in August and hoping to get a few more details done before
the party date arrives.


07.03.05 – Speaking of parties... the old forgotten display box near the front entry
has finally come to life! Three new lava lamps are behind a sheet of clear acrylic
and the it looks totally wild at night. If the neighbors thought we were "different"
before, now what'll they think?

07.11.05 – Another weekend project come to life — a bark filled area with exposed
pebble concrete stepping stones to connect the back patio, pool and trampoline.
It also helps keep the dirt off the patio and makes the whole barbeque/outdoor
dining experience much nicer.

08.04.05 – The finishing touches on the front screen wall—a grey, vinyl-weave
awning fabric strip installed in each open section. The strips were hemmed at the
ends by Januk & Scurfield, then I stretched them tight and stapled to the 2x4s
behind the stained front boards.

08.04.05 – The fabric screens look awesome — the grey has a nice sheen to it that
resembles a dull metal finish and color matches perfectly. The fabric has a 14%
transparency value, providing just enough privacy and the ability to see through
from the house side.

08.05.05 – Don Sr. delivered the entertainment center shelves a few days ago.
They are polygon-shaped sections of the 1/2" paneling used on the planter box,
expertly trimmed on the edges to color match. They are mounted on floor-to-
ceiling IKEA shelf poles.

08.05.05 – Finally! The master bath now has a door. This beautiful steel, wood
and frosted lexan door was custom made by my buddy Mike Whisten of
12m Design (http://www.12mdesign.com). He makes awesome modern furniture,
cabinets and other custom stuff. The wood is the same paneling used
throughout the house, the lexan matches the closet doors and glass wall in the
ajoining bedroom and the steel frame is a brushed and polished to be simular to
the aluminum framing in the windows and glass wall. We installed it on a lightweight
aluminum barn-door style track.

08.06.05 – Our first big party. It was for my friend, former student and News & Review
co-worker Sam (that's her singing "Hit me with your best shot" on the Karioke) who
was moving back to Austrialia to get married.


Also visit Don's portfolio site: www.designbutton.com