MAY 2004

Things are moving at a quickening pace. The only time things slow down are when we
have to wait for inspections. The plumbing and electrical is nearly done and will make way
for walls and ceiling to be installed this month. The dormer framing will be complete and
await roof and windows. The next big project scheduled to begin this month is the garage.


05.01.04—The dormer so far, after 3.5 days work from Don, Don Sr. and Paul. People
from the neighborhood stop by and stare. They ask, "What is that gonna be?" Many
"get it" when we describe what it is, others just look confused. A 70-something guy
named Dave gave us the thumbs up and said "Bitchin, dude!"

Our custom metal posts in the back of Kent Thompson Welding's truck. They're on
their way to be powdercoated silver. Powercoating is a dry paint process that's
used for metal. These will replace the visible wood posts in the central living area.

05.05.04—Under a beautiful blue sky, Paul nails in the front rafters as Don cuts
short 2x10 blocks to go between them.

All the rafters are in place and most of the blocking as well (the blocks in between
the rafters provide a place to nail the roofing plywood in place). The last step of the
framing is the facia boards on the outside of the overhanging eve.

Paul is fearless with heights. He's standing on two somewhat sturdy rafters 16 feet
in the air without a harness or net.

05.06.04—Once the dormer is ready for inspection, we begin working on the foyer
planter wall. The frame is constructed of 2x6 studs and blocks to support the two
plastic planter boxes. But these are no old fashioned planters! The sides are a
hallow tank that you fill with water every 4 weeks. They have a moisture sensor that
releases the water from below as needed. Very cool and not cheap at all. They will
filled with tall tropical or asain plantings that will get plenty of sunlight from the
dormer windows above and provide a screen between the foyer and living room.

The dormer and roof framing is near complete and awaiting inspection before
adding the roof sheeting.

05.18.04—The day has finally come to install one of the coolest custom details
in the interior. The two existing wood posts in the main living area are being replaced
by custom steel 4" square tube "V" posts. The two posts on the sides are temporary
supports to hold up the main structural beam while we remove the original post in
the center.

Don Sr. plays lumberjack with a chainsaw. Timber!

The post is slide into place, but the 8" x 26" saddle won't allow the post to slide
all the way into place. So we cut and chizle a notch on one side to make room for
the post to pivot into position.

Once the post is in place, 3" long 1/2" lag screws are put in place. There will also be
8" long anchor bolts put into the concrete slab through the posts base plate.
The wood beam, which is actually four 2" x 8"s sandwiched together, will be
covered with 1/8 pre-stained MDF paneling to make it look like a solid beam (right).

05.19.04—The garage foundation framing and reinforcing steel is installed over the
pre-dug footing trenches.

Paul has built the support framework for the Kitchen platform, which will be one
step up from the rest of the house. On the right, is the water system manifold with
red hot water tubes and blue cold water tubes feeding out of it. Each water outlet
in the house (sinks, toilets, showers and tub) has it's own dedicated, seamless line
from the manifold. The water heater, for right, is a gas-powered, tankless, insta-hot
system which is pretty expensive, but saves a bunch of energy.

Don Sr. builds the framing, and screeds the concrete for a raised curb that will
surround the master bedroom shower. Tile will b e installed in side the shower floor,
a glass door will be on the front side and a low wood wall will built up on two sides.

The foreground wall will be between the shower and the whirlpool tub, the rear wall
will contain plumbing and the rear extension will provide support for the self-
contained 5-nozzle
shower unit.

05.25.04— The rest of the master bath framing is built and the whirlpool tub is
set in its place to check the fit. Afterwards, it is returned to it's box until greenboard
and tile are finished in a few more weeks.

05.26.04— Don Sr. glues up a section of dark red formica panel along the edge of
the ceiling near the newly paneled beam. This red strip (the same color as the metal
exterior facia) will serve as the "connector" between the shiny silver corrugated
steel ceiling panels and the wood and concrete walls.

05.27.04— The concrete crew shows up at 10am to start pouring the footings and
slab for the 16" x 20" garage.

The kitchen "stage" is rough finished. The top will be covered with wood flooring,
stained and sealed. The sides will be covered with the same dark brown wood
veneer that's on the overhead beam. Notice that the stage frame appears to "float"
above the floor. Magic!

Long-time friend Stevo McElheney visits from Seattle. He's in town for the annual
Jazz Jubilee and has only seen the house on-line. You can tell by the face he's
making that he thinks our house is "pretty trippy."


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