summer-fall 2006

This summer we celebrate 2 years of living in the library house. The landscape
is becoming more lush and green, the house is feeling more lived in, and
the list of finishing touches, although not complete, is getting shorter.

The biggest events during this period include being filmed for a Home & Garden
TV show, getting the master bath shower working, and putting turf in the back
yard. And, of course HG TV show being aired, which will happen
Sunday, Oct. 22 at 10:30pm (episode HWTH-210)
Click here for more info on the show
Click here for info on our episode


May–A camera crew from Home & Garden TV arrives to film for "What's With That
House!". This will be a very long (but fun) day.

Diana shares a laugh with host George Grey as Don gets make-up.

Quinn appears oblivious to the fact that his video game room has been converted
into a make-up room as George mugs for the camera.

After giving George and on camera tour of the house, the crew heads out to the
street to film lead in and commercial teaser shots throughout the neighborhood.
We also filmed four of our wonderful neighbors for the show. Thanks, Teresa,
Dave, Rosemary and Jean & Scott!

Because the TV crew had to hit the road before sunset, I shot some nice night
shot stills for them to possibly use in the show.

Evening on the indoor/outdoor patio.

June—The master bathroom shower is finally usable. Not because we are done
though. The orginal design, and our goal someday, is to install a frosted glass
enclosure with a glass door. But in order to get it working at a minimum of cost,
we turned once again to IKEA. We used a shelving support bar, like we already use
in the bathroom and bedroom (but with a couple custom holes drilled through it),
with a steel wire curtain system and a set of very mod overlapping shower curtains.

So now we can finally enjoy our 3-way shower bar. The shower basin is 4' deep
by 5' wide—very roomy.

July—Diana has long planned to turn the side corner yard, outside the master
bath door, into a rose garden. We finally got it cleared out of garbage, tilled it
and plated it. Because I had never finished the fence siding on the inside of this
area, I decided to try something new—steel sheeting. This is something I considered
early on for the whole site, but thought it might be too much for the neighborhood
to handle and might be industrial overkill. Seeing it here in a small dose made
me, and especially Diana, wish we had done it everywhere. Ultimately, it would have
been much easier, faster and cheaper. Another lesson learned too late.

August—The corner of the backyard between the trampoline and fence has begun
to take shape with with white birch, palm and silk oak trees and various shrubs,
along with the combination of black bark and salt and pepper rock base. We've
had some trouble keeping the plants healthy in this corner for some reason.

October 7—Sod is delivered for our first ever new lawn. We finally decided that the
last major area of the yard, which has remained a weed farm for two years, will be
our only green lawn. We spent every weekend in September getting it ready
(weeding, tilling, fertilizing, and putting in a sprinkler system—another first!),
and today is the big day.

Five hours of hard work and the lawn is in. After 2–3 weeks of lots of water and no
traffic, the seams will disapper and we'll be able to roll around on it. It sure makes
a huge difference in th look of the yard!

We also planted a pair of kiwis behind the house earlier in the summer. They are
climbing up a custom made steel wire trellis. Because one plant is male and the
other is female (really!) they will mate and hopefully produce fruit in a couple

October 8 — To finish off, here are some very nice shots of the front landscaping
that show the completed design concept and maturing growth:

The front entry, although Diana is now talking about moving the big grasses
to the side of the house and bringing the dwarf palms forward. Ever changing.

View from the front door out to the street and from the sidewalk toward the
living room patio area.

View from the driveway and garage, at left, toward the entry and living room patio.


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