Paul the Contractor and Wayne the Electrician (and their crews) got a lot done over
Thanksgiving weekend. Nearly all the interior walls are framed and most of the rough
wiring and recessed lighting housings are in place.The plans will go to the city permit
office this month (please don't tell anyone we started!!). Plumbing, insulation, wall sheathing,
windows, the planter wall and many other things will soon follow. We're busy ordering
kitchen cabinets, counters, lights, and bathroom fixtures; testing wood stains and other
materials; considering carpets and other furnishings. We're so busy shopping and
planning for the house, Christmas seems like a minor afterthought.


12.5.03—The framing at the East end is nearly done. From left to right you see the
front bedroom, hallway, pantry closet and back bedroom. In the right foreground
you can see tape on the floor mapping out the kitchen; the living room is out of
the photo to the left.

View from the master bedroom looking toward the master bath. There will be a
custom sliding door in the oversized doorway between rooms. The far wall at right
will be insulated and then covered wall to wall with IKEA wardrobe cabinets.

No, the windows are NOT in yet! This is an incredibly lifelike digital simulation of
what the metal facia/overhang, aluminum windows and rolling garage-style doors
will look like. There are key elements missing though. The rolling doors will lead
out to a screened-off and canopy-covered patio, the shrubs will be replaced by
more stylish plantings, and the dramatic dormer will be above the front entry (right).

Here's a couple more very cartoonish illustrations of what the front patio structure
might look like (top) and then what it would look like if Dr. Suess was my landscaper.
For the graphic designers in the audience, it will amuse you to know that these
drawings were actually created in Quark Xpress!

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