This month started on a downer. Not only have we not got the plans to the city for permits
yet (due engineering and title 24 energy regulations) we had a break in on the 8th.
Someone shoved the plywood cover down from the back room window and climbed in.
They took my ladder and a whole bunch of tools (you bastards!). So we're basically a
month behind schedule, but it's giving us time to relax and get the place cleaned up
and ready for the contractors.


11.09.03—Julian strikes a pose in the middle of piles of old insulation torn from the
ceiling the night before. I think the old insulation had been there since the late 50s.
It was only 1 1/2" thick and the paper backing had turned to dust. we'll be replacing
it with new 8" high-density fiberglass after the electrical and lighting are installed.

The night before, this room was filled with tools, a ladder, electric hedge trimmer,
extension cords and a garden sprayer. I walked through here a couple times before
I noticed something was wrong. The only things left were the wheelbarrow (which
has a flat tire), a bag of grass seed and the 5 gallon can of concrete sealer (ironically,
that was by far the most expensive item in the house!) They also missed my CD
player which was accidentally buried under the insulation in the next room.

11.10.03—We re-boarded up the back window more securely and left a message for
the thieves if they returned.

11.12.03—But now I got a brand new and improved toolbox full of tools and a cool

11.21.03—After I pulled off the drywall from the last support beam I found the
original electrical inspection tag dated 10/9/57. Now if I can only get one of my own.

11.28.03—Look!! A real crew working on the house. Finally. Electricians Wayne and
Dave are pulling down old flourecent lights while general contractor Paul, and his
brother, start framing walls.

Lawrence installs flourecent light housings between the joists above the kitchen.
The old conduit fixture near the top right will be removed later.

An orderly mess of new wires snake through the ceiling of the back room from the
soon-to-be-installed new subpanel toward the main house. The beginning wall
framing of the front bedroom.

Quinn is obviously very excited to see his bedroom under construction. We decided
to have several of the interior walls firred out where the concrete block wasn't going
to be seen or was going to be painted, as it is in the boys rooms. This will allow us
to insulate the walls which will help the house meet required energy use calculations.

Three of the new low voltage recessed lights in the living room ceiling. They will
silver trims with directional lamps that will "wash" the wall to the right. There will be
around 50 recessed lights in the house.

You know how you never seem to have enough outlets for your entertainment
center... well not in this house!! We'll be building a custom entertainment cabinet
here in the corner of the living room that will also be connected to the planter wall
that seperates the entry foyer from the living room.

11.30.03—This picture shows the fact that we will have both traditional in-wall outlets
and switches as well as exposed metal conduit fixtures on the concrete walls.
The second photo is of the main lightswitch box on the kitchen wall. We love this
industrial-modern look, but Wayne the electrician thinks we're nuts.

All the old wood sheets and metal screens have been torn down from the eaves and
the front entry. They will be recovered with custom-cut and bent sheet metal. The
eaves will be galvanized metal and the front of the facia will be a colored Kynar-
finished metal.

Our second dumpster is nearly filled with debris and some junk from home.

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