Amidst the holidays, we've found a bit of time here and there to wrap up some details,
but nothing major.
We're on our own pretty much this month. Don Sr. won't be around
and Paul the contractor son't be available except for a few hours here and there.

We were shooting for that New Year's Eve / housewarming party, but we aren't going
to be ready after all. We're bummed about that, but not really surprised. When we
remember that we thought we'd be all finished with this over 8 months ago,
what's another few weeks!


12.06.04 Finally getting around to doing the wall and door trims. Don Sr. painted
the first set of these back in August and only got one door trimmed out. Now, four
months later, I'm getting the rest done. We've ordered our carpet and hope to have
it installed by New Years, so I have to get the trim done first. We chose the large
greenish sample in the photo (not the little grey one). It's a very modern,
commercial-high grade style, with a very cool pattern that looks different
depending on which direction you view it.

A 2 inch by 1/2 inch galvanized steel angle is glued into place at the top of a wall.
This detail will be repeated on nearly all the walls that meet the red trim and metal ceiling.

12.07.04 Don Sr. glues together the second side section of the planter. The first
section sits in place behind him. The top and side pieces will be clamped together
overnight before being put in place.

12.08.04 The planter is nearly finished. The only thing left is the edge trimming on
the top open sections. It looks beeeaauuuutifulll!

12.10.04 Trim, trim and more trim. More trim in place around floors and doors in the
hallways. Note the brushed metal on the left. This is the original steel door frame on
the door to the back room. It took lots of hard work to get all the paint off, polish
and seal it, but it looks real cool and industrial.

More new trim in the boys bedrooms and bathroom, and larger sections for the the
boys' closets. We've decided that we're going to hang cool heavy curtains infront
of their closets instead of big costly doors. Don't know when that'll happen though.

12.11.04 Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, your are so fricken tall! Never had
a 9-footer before. (Even in December, it's hard to keep shirts on these boys!)

12.18.04 Before the carpets can be installed, there are three new sections of tile
to be set. We decided that the front door entry needed a 6 x 3 tile section to allow
people to remove dirty shoes, and a 3 x 4 section in front of the kitchen island
would be better than carpet for the barstools. We will also be adding a 2 foot
wide strip of tile under the living room rolling doors.

12.19.04 A family portrait shot by Grandpa Button to share with the relatives
back on the East Coast, where grandpa and grandma will be visiting until mid-January.
Clearly Julian is possessed and Quinn is very, very happy... disturbingly happy.

12.22.04 Paul stops by to build a insulated wall in the master closet (required for
our Title 24 energy calculations) and install the closet door.

12.29.04 Don frames up a loft shelf above the closet.



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